End of the year gifts for EKOenergy


15.11.2014 : The end of the year is for many of us a time of giving. We welcome donations to support our climate projects, our river restoration projects or to promote EKOenergy in over 20 European countries.

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EKO-Sofia: a comic about EKOenergy


26.09.2014: The omnipotent Fossilia plans to build a new coal power plant on Barton Meadow. But it isn’t the only one interested in the area: SunBeam wants to build a wind farm there instead. The SunBeam proposal gets unexpected help when Sofia and her friends start a campaign to promote renewable energy. Sofia soon discovers that this isn’t just an issue for politicians. On the open market, consumers can choose which company they support and what electricity they buy. Once she realises this, it isn’t long before she starts a “Switch to EKOenergy campaign”.

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Other News


Public consultation: EKOenergy from the Feldkirchen Run-of-River Power Plant

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Baltcom to supply EKOenergy to Latvian households

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New spawning areas for Vuoksi river

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EKOenergy article in e21.magazin: the voluntary electricity market

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Åland case: European Court about Climate Change and free trade

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Renewables as most rational choice

The decision on the EU’s climate and energy targets for the year 2030 is expected in October. EU Member States are entering the final bargaining game about the level of ambition. There is still some hope that Member States will agree on a 30% target for renewables. To put this into perspective, at least 45% would be a number that deserves to be called ambitious.

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