First Finnish hydropower plants get EKOenergy eligibility


16.06.2014: Pyhännänkoski and Makkarakoski are the first EKOenergy eligible hydropower plants in Finland. The applicant was the Finnish electricity supplier Ekosähkö Oy. EKOenergy eligibility was gained by changing the regulation habits.

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EKOenergy supports Tanzanian solar


27.05.2014 : When electricity suppliers sell EKOenergy, they pay a contribution to the EKOenergy Climate Fund. The first money of the EKOenergy Climate Fund will now be used to finance a solar project in Tanzania. The project is implemented by the Italian NGO Oikos, in cooperation with the company SunEdison.

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Other News


EKOenergy article in e21.magazin: the voluntary electricity market

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Åland case: European Court about Climate Change and free trade

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Russian researchers visit EKOenergy

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EKOenergy and Vattenfall restore spawning areas

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Annual Report 2013

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Volunteering for EKOenergy

What does it mean to volunteer at EKOenergy? It is impossible to give a single answer to this question. The volunteer experience at the EKOenergy secretariat comprises many different aspects. Fabiola Nardò and Elea Kunz list some.

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