100 best climate projects: vote EKOenergy


19.06.16 : EKOenergy is one of the projects participating in “100 projects for the climate”, a competition launched by the French government. You can help us by giving us 2 points via Voting is easy and fast, and you can invite your friends to do the same! Thank you, and let’s keep on working together for a 100% renewable future.

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ecovatios: more EKOenergy in Spain


06.06.16: More and more suppliers and consumers join our campaign for a 100% renewable world. Ecovatios is the second Spanish seller who offers EKOenergy: 100% solar energy from Spain. Welcome!

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New call for climate projects

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Finnish research: EKOenergy now cheaper than the rest

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The first EKOenergy city in the world

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Our Climate Fund drives new renewable projects

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EKOenergy and ecotourism in Spain

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For Otava, switching to EKOenergy was easy

Last year, the whole Otava Group switched to EKOenergy. This means that all ‘Suomalainen Kirjakauppa’ bookstores now use EKOenergy-certified electricity. Otava is the second largest publishing house in Finland, and their printing house also uses EKOenergy.

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