EKOenergy: network and label


EKOenergy is an international network of environmental organisations. We promote the use of sustainable electricity.

We want to:

  • stimulate the development of renewable energy
  • contribute to the protection of nature
  • inform consumers about the origin of their electricity
  • mobilize the positive energy of thousands of individuals, groups and companies that share our ambition, and to get them involved
  • join forces with consumer organisations, development organisations, electricity companies, agencies and many others


EKOenergy is also an ecolabel for electricity. Unsurprisingly, only electricity from renewable sources can be sold as EKOenergy. But EKOenergy is more than just renewable electricity. It also fulfils additional sustainability requirements set by the EKOenergy Network and a part of the price is invested in new renewable energy projects.

The EKOenergy label is the only electricity label which results from an international consultation process, which works internationally and which is widely recognized.