Климатичен фонд

За всеки продаден MWh от ЕКОенергия минимум 10 евроцента отиват в Климатичен фонд ЕКОенергия. Тези пари ще бъдат изпълзвани да инвестиране в климатични проекти, които не биха били учредени без вноските. ЕКОенергия няма да основава собствени проекти, но ще финансира проекти на опитни разработчици на проекти.

За повече информация вижте Глава 9 от текста “ЕКОенергия – мрежа и екомаркировка“.

First project(s)

Mid June 2013 we launched a call for projects, and between July and September 2013, about 110 applicants sent us exactly 100 proposals, containing over 130 projects. The project applicants come from more than 30 countries, and the suggested project locations are spread over four continents and more than 70 countries. With the help of an external jury we selected 3 projects on which we want to focus.

Small wind turbines provide about 23 households with electricity on Sumba Island, Indonesia, © Hivos

  • Oikos: The organization Oikos proposes to install renewable energy systems (mainly PV panels) in Northern Tanzania, Arusha and Meru Districts.
  • Hivos, ‘Iconic Island Project’: The objective of the Iconic Island is to provide access to reliable renewable forms of energy for the population of a medium sized Indonesian island, and in doing so, ending their dependency on fossil fuels. Moreover, increased access to energy will support development and economic activities of the local population. The longer term objective is to demonstrate a replicable model that addresses both climate change and poverty alleviation.
  • Solafrica: The goal of Solafrica is to improve peoples’ lives by providing sustainable energy solutions and services based on their own community. Solafrica is currently active in a number of projects in Kenya, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our current sales are still too low to finance all of these. But of course, we have the ambition to grow. We also keep in mind that there were many other very interesting project ideas and organizations. If the number of EKOenergy suppliers and EKOenergy consumers increases, we will hopefully be able to join forces with several of them.