Popular Finnish ice hockey team uses EKOenergy


24.08.2016 : Mikkelin Jukurit joins a growing group of organisations and businesses that are committed to 100% renewable. Think of Google, IKEA, Unilever… But by switching to EKOenergy, Mikkelin Jukurit even goes 1 step further.

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Desarrollando una eco-etiqueta para gas renovable: consulta pública


16.07.2016 : EKOenergy is developing an ecolabel for renewable gas, i.e. biogas and different types of ‘power to gas’. In the last months we talked and e-mailed hundreds with experts from many countries. Based on the input we made a first proposal. We welcome you to comment on it.

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Abrimos convocatoria para Proyectos Climáticos

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Los 100 mejores proyectos climáticos: Vota por EKOenergía

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Finnish research: EKOenergy now cheaper than the rest

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La primera ciudad en el mundo con EKOenergía

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Nuestro Fondo Climático impulsa nuevos proyectos renovables

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Studying ice in Greenland

Nandita Rajan studies atmospheric sciences at the University of Helsinki and is a volunteer at the EKOenergy Secretariat. As part of her course “Effects of climate change on Arctic ecosystems and societies”, she travelled to Nuuk, Greenland.

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