Nine new climate projects


15.04.2017 : For each MWh of EKOenergy sold, the seller contributes at least 0.10 € to our Climate Fund. With this money we finance renewable energy projects. In 2016 we collected approximately 190,000 € in the Climate Fund. After a long evaluation process, which started with 350 applications, we have now selected nine projects.

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EKOenergy is increasing its global reach


13.03.2017 : In February 2013, a group of European environmental NGOs launched EKOenergy, the international ecolabel for electricity. In the first year our focus was pretty much on Finland. In 2014, we started focusing on France, Spain and Italy too. Soon after followed the Baltic States and Germany.

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We are “Sustainability Project 2017”


4.02.2017 : The German Council for Sustainable Development has granted us the quality label „Sustainability Project 2017”. This is a renowned distinction for projects contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals include „affordable and clean energy” and „climate action”. EKOenergy is one of 3 selected international projects.

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Helen starts selling EKOenergy


25.01.2017 : Helen, an energy company with nearly 400 000 customers throughout Finland, is to offer EKOenergy to trailblazer corporate customers from early 2017. More specifically, Helen will sell wind power produced in the Nordic countries.

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Annual Report 2016


10.01.2017 : The EKOenergy ecolabel is a concrete tool to guide consumers towards 100% renewable energy and to help them make a real difference. In 2016, our fourth year of activities, we continued to make progress on many fronts. Read the full story in our Annual Report 2016 : Together we are unstoppable.

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EKOenergy for L’Oréal in Russia


20.12.2016 : Little by little, EKOenergy is finding its way to Russia too. Local renewable energy transactions are still difficult, but we are confident that this will change in the near future.

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Green Key and EKOenergy enter a collaboration agreement


15.12.2016 : Green Key and EKOenergy have decided to enter an agreement to promote the use of sustainable energy in the hospitality and tourism sector worldwide.

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EKOenergy spreads in Spain


13.12.2016 : It is now possible to build a sustainable home, spend an idyllic weekend in Asturias and top off the day with craft beer using only EKOenergy. More and more projects and companies are joining the EKOenergy network worldwide and Spain is not falling behind.

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Slush makes the switch to EKOenergy!


30.11.2016 : Slush, the biggest startup and tech event in Northern Europe, switches to EKOenergy.

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EKOenergy supporting “pearls of Finnish nature”

KivettyÃÂä Murronjoen Rimminkoskea.

30.11.2016 : The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation has chosen 100 Pearls of Finnish Nature, to celebrate Finland’s 100 anniversary of independence. The 100 Pearls are nationally significant nature sites under threat. Among the Pearls of Nature, there are several river ecosystems where EKOenergy is active too.

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