EKOenergian käyttäjät viestivät valinnastaan aktiivisesti

(Artikkeli on toistaiseksi luettavissa englanniksi)

The EKOenergy label is becoming increasingly visible worldwide on products, in stores and elsewhere.

A variety of commercial brands around the world – including a publishing house, a cosmetics brand as well as an ice hockey team – have switched to EKOenergy certified energy and use the ecolabel on their products. Even a Finnish city has switched to EKOenergy!

Eco-labelled products create value not only by putting the environment first, but also by enhancing the image of that product and increasing its visibility and reach.

As an image is worth a thousand words… let’s take a look at the following examples.

1. Sporting facilities of Finnish Jukurit ice-hockey team are powered by EKOenergy. We can see the logo on their t-shirts.

2. Even carrots can be EKOenergy-labelled!

3. Blue Hotel Coruña in Spain includes EKOenergy ecolabel on their website together with other certifications. An easy way to give more visibility to the choice of green energy.

4. This Finnish city uses EKOenergy in all public buildings. They have promoted their choice by placing these panels (both in Finnish and English) around the city.

5. Spanish Ecorganic chain has 5 shops powered by EKOenergy. They are very conscious about energy consumption and even encourage their clientele to conserve energy.

6. Finlayson, textile company founded in 1820, has put EKOenergy ecolabel at the entrance in all of their shops in Finland and Sweden, because all of their shops and offices are powered by EKOenergy.

7. Cider Saimaan Juomatehdas.

8. Otava, a well-known publishing company in Finland is powered by EKOenergy.

9. Estonian tofu Loodusvägi.

10. Spanish artisan Urban beer.

11. Finnish organic soap Ole Hyvä.

All EKOenergy consumers can use the ecolabel on their products, in their establishments and communication. EKOenergy marketing team actively collaborates with consumers, supporting them to communicate about their switch to renewable energy.

Switching to EKOenergy is easy. Please get in touch!