EKOenergy for L’Oréal in Russia

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Little by little, EKOenergy is finding its way to Russia too. Local renewable energy transactions are still difficult, but we are confident that this will change in the near future. The electricity market authorities have understood the growing demand for renewable electricity and will respond to it. EKOenergy is playing an important role in providing neutral and multilingual information to all involved stakeholders.

At the same time we encourage companies to start moving and take the lead. We are talking to both sellers and consumers.

One of the companies which has stepped forward is ZАО “L’Oréal”, a daughter of the French cosmetics producer. The Vorsino plant, in the Kaluga region near Moscow, runs now on 100% EKOenergy-certified electricity. We are of course very proud about this and we are looking forward to cooperating. Together we can shape a carbon free and sustainable economy, in Russia and elsewhere.