Environmental Fund

Environmental Fund

Volunteers restoring a river in a project funded from the Environmental Fund.

For each Megawatt-hour sold as EKOenergy hydropower, a contribution of minimum 0,10 euro (ten eurocents) is paid into the EKOenergy Environmental Fund. The money of the EKOenergy Environmental Fund is used to finance the implementation of river restoration projects.

The financed projects are not managed by EKOenergy. EKOenergy wants to support existing dynamics and join existing initiatives. The money of the Environmental Fund can e.g. be used to co-finance projects supported by the authorities.

Click here for our “Call for projects”. We are looking for river restoration projects to be financed with the contributions of sales of EKOenergy certified hydropower in 2013 and 2014.

Based on experience

The idea of an environmental Fund is not new. It has been copied from the Nordic countries, where similar funds have existed since the beginning of this century. In Finland, money originating from the sales of ecolabelled hydropower has been invested in building fish passages and in restoring spawning grounds of migratory fish. Click here for projects funded by the predecessor of the EKOenergy Environmental Fund.