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The EKOenergy ecolabel

EKOenergy is an ecolabel for electricity. When you buy electricity with this label, you get renewable electricity, but also something more: EKOenergy helps you make a difference. As a green electricity consumer, you probably expect that your purchase somehow leads to concrete results, i.e. to changes that would not have taken place without your purchase.

For individual consumers, it is very difficult to check if this really happens. But if we speak with one voice, the situation is very different. As a label, we make sure it really happens:

  • EKOenergy focuses on providing proper information for consumers.
  • EKOenergy is a tool to increase the sustainability of power plants.
  • EKOenergy guarantees that a part of the green premium (i.e. the price you pay for the greenness of the electricity) ends up in new projects, through our Climate Fund.
  • EKOenergy sets strict criteria for the tracking of green electricity.
  • EKOenergy makes sure that the claims are audited.

Click here for more details: aspects covered by the EKOenergy label.