1,000,000 € raised for renewable energy projects

EKOenergy has contributed to projects alleviating energy poverty in developing countries, reached 1 million euros in 2020

We are happy to announce that our contribution to projects fighting energy poverty has exceeded 1,000,000 €! 

For each MWh of EKOenergy consumption, 0.10 € goes to our Climate Fund. With these contributions, we finance new renewable energy projects in developing countries. These projects change lives by improving access to reliable, clean energy and bring our world closer to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

With our 47th Climate Fund project, our contribution has exceeded 1,000,000 € since 2015. To learn more about how purchasing EKOenergy-labelled energy creates additional impact, see our results

EKOenergy makes it easy to go the extra mile

From small businesses to large corporates and households, all EKOenergy consumers contribute to our Climate Fund and we are proud to see this network of positive energy grow. This wouldn’t be possible without the energy consumers who choose EKOenergy-labelled renewable energy to take an extra step for nature. We are also thankful to licensed EKOenergy sellers for making EKOenergy-labelled renewables available.

To ensure local support and maximise opportunities for replication, the projects selected to receive financing from the EKOenergy Climate Fund always have local partners involved. Special thanks go to the humanitarian and development NGOs that manage these projects.

EKOenergy also has a separate Environmental Fund to mitigate the damage done by hydropower plants. This Fund finances mainly river restoration projects to improve living conditions for aquatic species.

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Published on 27 July 2020