About us

Our nonprofit ecolabel

Learn more about the ecolabel with our presentation – subtitled in more than 20 languages.

EKOenergy is an international not-for-profit ecolabel for energy (renewable electricity as well as renewable gas, heat and cold).

In addition to being renewable, EKOenergy-labelled energy fulfils additional sustainability criteria and finances projects that combat energy poverty.

The EKOenergy ecolabel can be combined with any sourcing method: Green tariffs, Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs), unbundled energy certificates such as Guarantees of Origin, RECs, I-RECs and others. Energy from on-site installations can also carry the EKOenergy label. EKOenergy brings additional positive impact to consumers’ renewable energy choice, regardless of the method of purchase or consumption.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, LEED for green buildings, CDP and the RE100 describe the EKOenergy ecolabel as a good solution for consumers that want to take an extra step.

Our ecolabel is easy to use

We have authorised sellers around the world, making it easy to buy EKOenergy wherever you are. EKOenergy can be used for your home or for your company. If you’d like to buy EKOenergy-labelled energy or sell EKOenergy-labelled renewables, please get in contact.

Our ecolabel is a communication tool

The EKOenergy label is an internationally recognised communication tool. By using our logo, individuals and companies demonstrate their commitment to renewable energy and encourage others to do the same. This helps speed up the transition to a 100% renewable world. Users of EKOenergy-labelled energy can use the logo in their publications, on their buildings, and on products made with EKOenergy.

Our international team can answer your questions in many languages, and our materials are available in over 20 languages.

Awards and nominations 

  • EKOenergy was one of the Good100 winners at the 2022 edition of GoodFestival, Switzerland
  • EU Sustainable Energy (EUSEW) Award 2021, Merve Güngör was a finalist for the Young Energy Trailblazer category for her work at EKOenergy.
  • European Citizen’s Prize 2020, awarded by the European Parliament in March 2021.
  • Nordic Council Environment Award 2019 nomination.
  • EU Sustainable Energy (EUSEW) Award 2018, finalist in the Young Energy Leaders category.
  • EKOenergy was one of the winning projects selected as part of the 100 Projects for the Climate initiative of the French Ministry of the Environment, Energy, and Sea in 2017.
  • Taten für Morgen award by the German Council for Sustainable Development. EKOenergy was one of the Sustainability Projects 2017 (Projekt Nachhaltigkeit), a renowned distinction for projects contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Good100 PremaGyan Award 2016 at GoodFestival in Switzerland.

International cooperation

The EKOenergy ecolabel is an initiative of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto ry) and is supported by other environmental NGOs. 

We participate in the activities of and cooperate with many other organisations, including: