Aleksandra Blinnikka works with EKOenergy


Aleksandra BlinnikkaSurfing champion and EKOenergy join strengths

Aleksandra Blinnikka, Windsurfer of the Year in Finland and this year’s European Champion in the Women´s Raceboarding Class, supports and promotes EKOenergy. As a daily user of wind and water energy, she perfectly understands the huge potential and power of renewable energy. Together we will spread the word about the beauty of clean energy.

Enthusiasm in the blood

Aleksandra comes from a Finnish windsurfing family. She started to windsurf as a hobby. In 2013 she met many exciting people in the windsurfing scene, among them also her current trainer. Soon after, she decided to dive in completely! “Windsurfing is really a challenging sport, where you can always find opportunities to improve your skills and that is what I just love!“ says Alexandra with enthusiasm.

EKOenergy got to know Aleksandra as a very positive and open-minded person. Just like us, she strongly believes that ambitious goals, such as a switch to 100% renewable can be achieved, if we just go for it. “Deeds, not just words” is for sure something that connects Aleksandra with EKOenergy.

Knowing how it feels to be empowered by the wind

“Windsurfing is a high intensity combination of surfing and sailing. It combines speed, manoeuvres, board control, rowing techniques, tactics, strategies, strength, balance, good endurance and fitness level. In windsurfing you use pretty much your whole body all the time and wind and water are your closest fellows.” For Aleksandra the power of wind and water is the daily bread – she has know them well and really observe and listen to them in order to achieve success in race-boarding.

EKOenergy is very happy to welcome on board somebody who really knows how it feels to be empowered by the wind and water. We are looking forward to seeing our logo on your sail, Aleksandra!