Energy ecolabel and its concrete benefits: Case study from the EKOenergy Climate Fund project in Nepal

Using EKOenergy labelled electricity has concrete benefits that come from two abstract concepts: additionality and sustainability. Renewable World’s project in Kharepani Community, Nepal, supported by EKOenergy Climate Fund, demonstrates a concrete benefit the off-grid communities get with access to clean energy.

“Manisara Sunar lost her 10-year-old daughter Sunita to tetanus. Her daughter went to collect wood from the forest before school. But on that particular day, the knife slipped and cut her finger. It was not too deep a cut and after applying local herbs as medicine, the family did not think much about it. However, later on Sunita developed a fever and started experiencing stiffness in her muscles. Her family took her to the hospital in Nepalganj, about five hours from her home. Sadly, by the time they reached the hospital, tetanus had taken hold and Sunita could not be saved.

What will the project achieve?

With the support of EKOenergy, Renewable World can help ensure that no other families in this community has to experience such an avoidable loss of a child. By installing a community-owned microgrid, the health post in Kharepani Community will soon gain access to electricity. This means they will be able to stock vaccines. Sharada Budha, the community Auxiliary Nurse Midwife, showed Renewable World the portable vaccine fridge that reaches the community every month.

Manisara’s 1,5-year-old granddaughter, shown with Manisara on the right, is one of the youngest members of the community. She is following her full course of vaccines.

Once the local health post is able to provide this service, this will save every family the arduous and costly journeys they currently have to make to the nearest well-stocked health post in Birendranagar, 44 kilometres away. Together, we can help protect the children of this community from preventable diseases. With our thanks to EKOenergy for supporting SECuRE Nepal.”

Clean energy brings better health, social equality and many other benefits to rural communities in developing countries. Thanks to EKOenergy users for their choice!

Posted on 18 December 2018
Text and images: Renewable World

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