EKOenergy for your company

EKOenergy: trusted and efficient

More and more companies continue to join the RE100 and transition to 100% renewable energy. And many of these are now also looking for ways to go even further in speeding on the energy revolution. We are proud that many companies choose EKOenergy-ecolabelled energy to demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable future: SAP, HSY, Groupe Rocher, Schüco, Genelec, VMware, Workday, Olvi, Saimaa Brewing Company, Finlayson and many others.

Renowned organisations such as CDP and standards such as LEED and GHG Protocol recommend EKOenergy. They see EKOenergy as a good and efficient way to buy renewable energy and to increase the positive impact of that purchase.

Visually appealing and internationally recognised, the ecolabel is a powerful communication tool for companies. By using the ecolabel you can demonstrate your commitment to renewable
energy and encourage others to do likewise.

EKOenergy worldwide

EKOenergy is expanding every year. Our internationalisation is driven by a growing public interest in renewables. Although Europe remains our stronghold, we are increasingly active around the world, especially in Asia.

Information and contact

Click here for a 1-page information page about EKOenergy
Click here for our report: ”EKOenergy’s First Five Years : 2013 – 2018″

If you are interested, contact EKOenergy’s Secretariat or ask more information from one of our licensed suppliers.

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