Call for small-scale renewable electricity projects, Mali, Myanmar & Nepal


Deadline for concept papers January 31st, 2018

Siemenpuu Foundation and EKOenergy’s Climate Fund call for project proposals to establish renewable electricity installations aiming at alleviation of energy poverty and social inequality in Mali, Myanmar and Nepal.

Initially, Siemenpuu and EKOenergy are looking for 3-5 projects to be financed in 2018. We are looking for projects in the range of 20.000 to 50.000 euros, lasting maximum for two years.

Specific criteria:

  • Renewable electricity projects: Solar and wind installations preferred. Systems using micro or pico hydro are acceptable if there is no negative impact on river ecosystems. Let us know how and how much your project contributes to extra renewable electricity generation.
  • Applicant: registered civil society organisation in Mali, Myanmar or Nepal, with capacity for renewable electricity installations.

For more information, and for the application form, see the website of Siemenpuu: