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Why are companies buying EKOenergy?

One label, five dimensions, six SDGs

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Using clean EKOenergy-labelled energy can help your company contribute to the five dimensions of leadership as identified in the paper Business leadership in the transition to renewable electricity, published in 2020 by the RE100, the Climate Group and CDP. These dimensions are:

  • Ambition (Chapter 1 of the report)
  • Impactful procurement (Chapter 2 of the report)
  • Sustainability (Chapter 3 of the report)
  • Influence (Chapter 4 of the report)
  • Transparency (Chapter 5 of the report)

See our publication One Tool to Cover Five Dimensions of Leadership in the Transition to 100% Renewable Energy to learn more about how using EKOenergy helps businesses, regardless of their size, sector, consumption or geographical location, to take extra steps in all these five dimensions.

Our ecolabel was also highlighted in a publication of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, as a good example of SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) implementation: EKOenergy contributes to the realisation of at least 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals!

Advertising your commitment to renewables

  • The EKOenergy label is a visually appealing tool for communication and advertisement. Using the EKOenergy logo in communication activities demonstrates your commitment to renewable energy and helps encourage others to do the same.
  • Choosing ecolabelled renewables proves your willingness to take an extra step to reach positive impact.

Fight against climate change

  • Our ecolabel only works with energy from production installations that meet our sustainability criteria.
  • You support the EKOenergy Climate Fund when you buy EKOenergy-labelled energy. Our Climate Fund finances sustainable energy projects in the developing world, helping to reduce energy poverty.
  • You support our Environmental Fund when you buy EKOenergy-labelled hydropower. Our Environmental Fund finances river restoration projects, helping to maintain valuable ecosystems.
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“So why should other brands care? There are a plethora of benefits gained from a pivot towards renewable energy, especially if sourced from projects that additionally contribute in a substantiated manner to the SDGs. Companies not only reduce their carbon footprint, but also demonstrate their commitment to their employees, customers, and investors.” Sustainable Brands Copenhagen ‘17, Natalia Gorina.

Supported by leading standards and NGOs

  • Recommended by CDP and the GHG Protocol: CDP’s guidelines, as well as The GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance, refer to EKOenergy as a “good way for companies to do more with their renewable energy purchase.”
  • Recommended by the LEED green building certificate: EKOenergy-labelled electricity fulfils LEED’s Green Power criteria (for electricity and for renewable electricity certificates). This is explicitly mentioned in LEED’s European texts but is increasingly true elsewhere.

“Various available market tools allow companies to introduce social and environmental considerations in their renewable electricity procurement strategies. Examples of these include the international EKOenergy label, which tackles energy poverty through its Climate Fund and provides additional environmental guarantees to protect nature and habitats.” p.19 of Business Leadership in the Transition to Renewable Electricity (a publication of RE100, The Climate Group, and CDP).

International recognition and expertise

  • The EKOenergy ecolabel is available in over 80 countries and we are expanding every year.
  • EKOenergy’s criteria are based on input from experts from many countries and approved by a network of nonprofit environmental organisations.
  • We work with organisations like RECS International to promote renewable energy worldwide.
  • EKOenergy-labelled energy is always in line with the criteria set out in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance.

“You can use the EKOenergy logo on your products and tell stories about the renewable and environmental projects you choose to support. With EKOenergy you make a real impact that builds your brand and increases the value of your company.” Why EKOenergy?, David Zwick.

Who else is using EKOenergy?

We are proud that many companies choose EKOenergy-labelled energy to demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable future, including SAP, Tetra Pak, Schüco, Genelec, VMware, Workday, Olvi, Finlayson, Microsoft, Schott, Iliad Group and many others.

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