Ecolabel for renewable gas

EKOenergy logo with gas flame

Our internationally recognised mark of quality is also available for specific types of sustainable renewable gas!

The ecolabel makes it easy for consumers to choose renewable gas that has minimum impact on the environment. EKOenergy-labelled renewable gas is:

  • Either gas produced from sustainable types of biomass, such as biowaste and organic residues,
  • Or gas resulting from renewable power-to-gas processes, such as green hydrogen, if the used electricity fulfils EKOenergy’s sustainability criteria.

The label also helps consumers make an additional impact:

  • For each MWh of EKOenergy-labelled gas, 0.10 € goes to EKOenergy’s Climate Fund. Through this Fund, EKOenergy finances renewable energy projects in developing countries.
  • All EKOenergy consumers also help us raise awareness of sustainability issues and promote renewable energy worldwide. As an initiative of environmental organisations, we organise clean energy campaigns and advocate for climate-friendly legislation.
  • Consumers of EKOenergy-labelled energy can use our logo in their communication. Positive communication about renewable energy can inspire others to choose renewable gas and help speed up the transition to 100% renewable energy. See EKOenergy’s brand book for more information.

EKOenergy’s criteria also included requirements for the tracking of renewable gas and for the avoidance of double counting.

Are you interested in launching EKOenergy-labelled gas in your country? Contact us for more information!

EKOenergy’s criteria for renewable gas