Where does EKOenergy come from?

Only sold or consumed volumes can carry the EKOenergy ecolabel but we do take the origin of renewable energy into account. We are not an ecolabel for energy generation as we don’t certify energy installations.

To be sold or consumed as EKOenergy-labelled, energy needs to fulfil our sustainability criteria. These criteria take the environmental impact of energy production into account. For example, EKOenergy only approves wind power which is produced from turbines that are located outside important biodiversity areas. For hydropower to be labelled with the EKOenergy ecolabel, it needs to come from installations that have functional fish passages and do not disrupt continuous water flow.

See an overview of EKOenergy’s sustainability criteria here.

Thousands of pre-approved installations worldwide

The EKOenergy ecolabel is currently being used in over 80 countries and EKOenergy-labelled energy comes from 1000s of approved installations. In most cases, EKOenergy comes from installations in the same country where consumption takes place. We work closely with our authorised sellers to meet the additional requirements and expectations of their clients.

For general information, you can see the locations of some of the pre-approved installations on the map below. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list, only a limited number of installations are shown.

EKOenergy’s authorised sellers get access to the EKOdirect database where all the pre-approved installations can be viewed and requests for pre-approval can be submitted.