EKOenergy wins award at GoodFestival

GoodFestival is an international event in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its objective is to celebrate sustainable innovation throughout the world. It represents a unique multidisciplinary platform of researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators of various horizons with a similar state of mind and all united around the same objective: build a better world.

The festival is a coproduction of Majamba, supported by IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, Paypal Blueprint Program, Softlayer Catalyst Program, Gebert Rüf Stiftung and 7 different agencies and departments of the City of Lausanne, the canton and the Swiss Federal Government.

The festival focused on 8 categories of doing good, divided into two groups:

  1. Basic Needs: Food & Shelter, Health & Good Living, Safe Communities, Education.
  2. Sustainable Living: Environmental Balance, Startup Support; Art, Music & Culture; and Clean Energy.

EKOenergy was pre-selected as an interesting project and Elea Kunz, one of our supporters in Switzerland, got the opportunity to present EKOenergy on the stage.

She talked about our activities on behalf of a 100% renewable and sustainable world. She also showed how consumers of EKOenergy are using our logo in their own communication.

We are very happy and proud that our project convinced the international jury: we are one of the winners of the Good100 PremaGyan Award, an award for „sustainable innovators with projects that exemplify compassion and wisdom. Compassion, because they are working on sustainable development – addressing poverty or doing something about climate change, wisdom because they have a sustainable business model.“

Posted on 5 November 2016