EKO-Sofia, a comic about the energy transition

This story follows the fight between a coal company, Fossilia, and a renewable energy producer, SunBeam. The omnipotent Fossilia plans to build a new coal power plant on Barton Meadow. Yet they aren’t the only ones interested in the area: with SunBeam wanting to build a wind farm there instead. The SunBeam proposal gets unexpected help when Sofia and her friends start a campaign to promote renewable energy.

Sofia soon discovers that this isn’t just an issue for politicians. On the open market, consumers can choose which company they support and what electricity they buy. Once she realises this, it isn’t long before she starts a “Switch to EKOenergy campaign”.

How will the townspeople respond? And what will be the outcome of the campaign? Read all this in our comic “EKO-Sofia, An Introduction to Green Energy“.

The comic exists in many languages. Click on the titles in the list below to download the comic as a pdf (6 MB, 36 pages). Always open the comic in Adobe Reader if you’d like to print it.

About the artist

Anita Zaramella is a young comic artist from Venice, Italy. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and at the International Comic School in Padova.

In the summer of 2014, Anita volunteered for 3 months at the secretariat of EKOenergy in Helsinki. During that period, she wrote and drew the EKOenergy comic ‚EKO-Sofia‘.