Light to schools in Madagascar

Electricity and domestic lighting are often taken for granted by many of us. However, in rural Madagascar, almost 95% of the population does not have access to electricity.

„There is also the whole economic and social aspect: how can one run a small economic activity or a microenterprise without electricity?“ asks Patrick Kohler from Centre Ecologique Albert Schweitzer (CEAS).

EKOenergy is pleased to have been able to provide financial support of 25,000 € to the Swiss Organization CEAS for the installation of three solar kiosks in rural schools in Madagascar. These are three villages in the North and central part of Madagascar: Amberomanga, Mahambo and Tsitakondaza.

More than 500 pupils will directly benefit from this project, as the availability of artificial light will facilitate their learning conditions and will also allow parents who are interested to attend evening classes after their workdays.

What is more, the local people can also use the charging facilities to charge their personal electronic devices at these solar kiosks, get refrigerated products, and have access to radio and TV giving them a better connection to the rest of the world. In total, nearly 1,000 people will benefit from this system.

In addition, the installation of solar kiosks has a high social value. The locals can meet in the evenings for cultural and traditional events, and the presence of light at night brings greater security.

The CEAS association ensures the sustainability of the project by involving the local community in the management and maintenance of the kiosks, especially via their local partner, which promotes the strengthening of locals‘ skills in carpentry, electromechanics, etc.

EKOenergy is proud to have been able to support this project with a social and environmental dimension! The project is funded by EKOenergy’s users. From every megawatt-hour (Mwh) of EKOenergy sold, ten Eurocents (0.10 €) goes to climate projects, such as this one.

EKOenergy’s Climate Fund projects are one of the ecolabel’s ways to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG); especially goals 13 („Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts“) and 7 („Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all“). Read more about EKOenergy and the SDGs here.

Project info

Donation: 25 000€

In short: Building 3 solar kiosks that will provide electricity (light) for students, but also to the locals who benefit from energy services produced by a renewable source.

Partner: CEAS (Centre Ecologique Albert Schweitzer ) is a Swiss-based NGO dedicated to tackling poverty in Africa, through eco-friendly means. It was created in 1980 and first developed its activities in Burkina Faso. It focuses on Renewable Energies and appropriate technologies; Sanitation and waste management; Agroecology; and Agro-processing.

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Author: Mounia Tonazzini
Photos: CEAS
Posted on 5 October 2017