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The EKOenergy ecolabel

EKOenergy is the international ecolabel for electricity and gas. In addition to being 100% renewable, the energy sold with the EKOenergy label fulfills additional environmental criteria and raises funds for new renewable energy projects.

  • 100% renewable: Buying EKOenergy is simple as we have sellers around the world and the energy is guaranteed 100% renewable.
  • Sustainability criteria: Our additional sustainability criteria guarantee that the production happens in harmony with nature.
  • Climate: For each MWh you use, your supplier will contribute €0.10 to our Climate Fund, which we invest in renewable energy projects.
  • Recommendations: The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, LEED and CDP all recommend using EKOenergy.
  • Dedicated international staff: We have a dedicated staff from over 10 countries, and materials available in over 30 languages.

Click here for more details: aspects covered by the EKOenergy label.