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EKOenergy for Germany and the UK

Last month, EKOenergy made huge steps forward in Germany and the UK. Stadtwerke Bielefeld The German electricity supplier Stadtwerke Bielefeld started selling EKOenergy. The company is one of the larger municipality-owned energy companies in Germany. The company has about 2160 employees and a turnover of about 660 million euro. Their first EKOenergy product is available …

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Leadership and CSR with EKOenergy

EKOenergy? EKOenergy is the international ecolabel for electricity. Electricity sold with the EKOenergy label fulfils strict environmental criteria and raises funds for new renewable energy projects. The label is a not-for-profit initiative of the EKOenergy Network, a growing group of (currently) 40 environmental organisations from 30 countries. We started in Northern Europe in 2013 and …

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