EKOenergy’s criteria

Our internationally recognised ecolabel helps consumers find the most sustainable renewable energy and helps them make an extra positive impact.

EKOenergy is a label for renewable energy, not for companies or production devices.

EKOenergy’s criteria cover electricity, gas and heat and cold.

Our criteria set rules with regard to the impact of energy production on nature, take tracking and avoidance of double counting into consideration, and create an additional positive impact for the environment and those affected by energy poverty.

You can find information about energy from on-site installations and PPAs and energy tracking in dedicated subpages.

EKOenergy’s criteria entered into force in 2013. The development and approval of the criteria follow the rules of the ISEAL Standard-Setting Code and rely on best practice and on active consultation of all relevant stakeholder groups. Updates require endorsement from the environmental NGOs that founded EKOenergy and approval by the Board of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

EKOenergy executes annual audits to ensure that all energy carrying our logo fulfils our requirements.

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