EKOenergy’s Ivy Award 2021 goes to Eida!

What is EKOenergy’s Ivy Award?

We’re thankful to all our licensed sellers for offering EKOenergy-labelled energy all around the world. Once a year, we highlight the extraordinary achievements and celebrate a few of them.

EKOenergy’s Ivy Award was created to honour a licensed EKOenergy seller for having made remarkable efforts in the promotion of EKOenergy-labelled energy. We proudly announce that this year’s EKOenergy Ivy Award goes to Eida, for promoting EKOenergy-labelled renewable electricity in Luxembourg.

Why Ivy?

Ivy is an evergreen plant which climbs in a steady manner, transforming concrete buildings with its green splendour. EKOenergy’s Ivy Award is for the licensee who has shown remarkable perseverance in promoting EKOenergy-labelled electricity.

Thanks and congratulations to Eida!

In 2016, Eida became one of the first energy retailers in continental Europe to start offering electricity with our label and they are currently the only EKOenergy licensee in Luxembourg. Throughout the years, Eida has gradually expanded the scope of our cooperation and nowadays, all electricity they sell to households is EKOenergy-labelled. This facilitates smooth and clear communication and simplifies the administration, while at the same time guaranteeing the highest quality to all their consumers.

Eida’s volumes have grown year after year. Being a relatively small company in a small market, Eida has proven that no-one is too small to make a difference. As an active EKOenergy licensee, they demonstrate that EKOenergy’s approach works and their enthusiasm helps us to promote renewable energy and EKOenergy in particular, in many other countries.

We reached out to Thierry Hanotin from Eida to congratulate the team and asked about their next steps.

What aspects of EKOenergy do you think are worth highlighting in our communication?

In my opinion, there are several aspects of EKOenergy that should be highlighted, such as its non-profit nature, transparency, simplicity, dynamism and its daily efforts towards a more sustainable world. In addition, EKOenergy fights energy poverty by financing various projects through its Climate Fund.

How do you communicate about EKOenergy with your customers?

We talk about our partnership in publications on our social networks, in press articles, in leaflets, on our website and from now onwards we will mention EKOenergy in our invoices too. Sometimes customers ask us questions about what EKOenergy is. We explain it to them, we also give them the link to Eida’s website which includes a page about EKOenergy, or send them directly to the EKOenergy website.

How do you see EKOenergy’s partnership with Eida developing further?

Eida is an energy supplier with a profoundly green DNA. Since the start of our company we have been committed to the development of renewable energy, we want to strengthen our partnership with EKOenergy and cover more energy with the EKOenergy label.

Have you and your team considered offering EKOenergy-labelled renewable gas too?

Yes, however, the price of renewable gas is very expensive and this is a major obstacle to offering a fully renewable product in a fairly closed market.

Published: 2 June 2021