Carrrera Jeans unterstützt unsere EKOenergie Fashion-Kampagne

Carrera Jeans uses EKOenergy since 2016. On the occasion of our Passion for Green Fashion campaign, the CEO of Carrera agreed on answering our questions.

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Klimawandel und Vermüllung: Der Tribut des Tourismus

A tourist beach full of garbage.

10.12.2018 International tourism is the cause of large greenhouse gases emissions and natural resources exploitation. The sector must urge the shift to sustainability.

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Flow Festival nutzt EKOenergie-zertifizierten Ökostrom

Die komplette netzbezogene Energie, die auf dem „coolsten nordischen Musikfestival“ genutzt wird, ist EKOenergie-zertifiziert.

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SAP führt den Übergang zu einer kohlenstoffarmen Wirtschaft an

31.07.2018 : Der Wechsel zu EKOenergie-zertifiziertem Strom im letzten Jahr ist Teil der Umweltstrategie von SAP. Das Unternehmen hat sich selbst verpflichtet, 100% Ökostrom zu nutzen und trat der RE100 Koalition bei – eine Initiative die laut der UN eine der 7 führendsten im Bereich Klimaschutz ist.

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Mit BIO-Produkten die Umwelt und Gesundheit schützen?

„Eco-labels are very useful, but the most important thing is for consumers to know what is behind a label”. EKOenergy subscribes to this view. As well as recommending that consumers are as energy efficient as possible, and then choose 100% sustainable electricity, we also ask them to do their weekly shopping responsibly and choose wisely.

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The fashion industry’s duty to lead the change towards sustainability

A coat being lifted out of the ocean by a fishing hook. Text: "#UpcyclingTheOceans campaign by Ecoalf"

Ecoalf monitors the sustainability of their supply chain. They encourage companies to make the change to 100% renewable and sustainable energy.

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EKOenergy, a natural step for sustainable companies

A group of farmers standing and smiling among crops in Ecuador.

15.02.2018 : Copade Foundation, Spanish reference in fair trade and responsible forest management promotion, is joining EKOenergy in taking one more step towards sustainability. Since the beginning of 2018, the Development Cooperation NGO has been powered entirely with EKOenergy labelled 100% sustainable electricity.

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Chocolates Artesanos Isabel uses EKOenergy

Chocolate, a mixing spoon, a ribbon, and cocoa powder on a wooden table.

6.11.2017 : The Spanish chocolate factory Chocolates Artesanos Isabel prioritizes sustainability in all of its production. For the owner Isabel Félez Roselló, using EKOenergy-labelled electricity is an important part of the bigger picture. We got in touch with her to learn more about the company’s plans.

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Wie kann das EKOenergie Ökolabel kommunziert werden?

A pile of colourful books.

20.09.2017 : A variety of commercial brands around the world – including a publishing house, a cosmetics brand as well as an ice hockey team – have switched to EKOenergy certified energy and use the ecolabel on their products. Even a Finnish city has switched to EKOenergy!

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EKOenergie für Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher building.

02.05.2017: Wir sind stolz darauf, bekannt zu geben, dass die Groupe Rocher einer der neuen Konsumenten von EKOenergie in Frankreich ist. Seit Anfang 2017 ist die Hälfte ihres Stromverbrauchs in Frankreich als EKOenergie zertifiziert.

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