EKOenergy’s Ivy Award 2023 goes to Gesternova Energia

EKOenergy-labelled renewables are made available worldwide by authorised sellers. Through our annual EKOenergy awards, we highlight some of the achievements our sellers recorded in the past year. 

We are happy to announce that Gesternova has won EKOenergy’s Ivy Award 2023! 

Why ivy?

Ivy is an evergreen plant that climbs steadily, transforming buildings with its verdant splendour. EKOenergy’s Ivy Award is for honouring an EKOenergy seller for having made outstanding efforts in promoting EKOenergy-labelled energy.

Congratulations Gesternova Energia

In 2014, Gesternova became one of the first authorised EKOenergy sellers outside Finland and made their first EKOenergy-labelled electricity deals already in 2015. Gesternova offers 100% solar energy from Spain and through the EKOenergy label, they give their clients the opportunity to promote the energy transition outside Spain too.

Gesternova made a lot of efforts to increase the visibility of our label in 2022. In addition to launching an EKOenergy-labelled green tariff and a dedicated webpage, they announced October as the “month of EKOenergy” and promoted EKOenergy-labelled electricity throughout the month. During the month of EKOenergy, all fixed price tariffs and all electricity contracts made through their website were EKOenergy-labelled. Gesternova also shared information about our ecolabel through their social media channels and participated in the Spanish radio programme Ecogestiona together with our Spanish-speaking volunteer Maria Quero.

Thanks and congratulations Gesternova!

Javier del Fraile Tejedor, Commercial Director at Gesternova Energia

We asked Javier del Fraile Tejedor, Commercial Director at Gesternova some questions to learn more about how they fit our ecolabel in their communication strategy.

Can you tell us a bit about Gesternova as a company and how EKOenergy fits into your strategy?

Gesternova Energía is a Spanish company that has exclusively sold electricity of 100% green origin since 2005, and also represents nearly 10,000 renewable energy producers in the electricity market. Our job is to accompany our clients in the transition towards a more environmentally responsible future and that is why we offer only sustainable solutions. We believe in the importance of caring for the planet and with EKOenergy we take another step in the fight against climate change. Through the EKOenergy-labelled contracts we make with our clients, we contribute to financing projects aimed at alleviating energy poverty and promoting renewable energies around the world. This way we can contribute to making a difference.

„We love EKOenergy’s approach and we wanted to make it known to as many consumers as possible.“

How did you come up with the idea of organizing a month of EKOenergy? Can you tell us more about it? 

We love EKOenergy’s approach and we wanted to make it known to as many consumers as possible, that’s why we decided that all new contracts made during October 2022 included the EKOenergy label for the entire term of the contract. We are very committed to the initiative, and we try to spread it as widely as possible through our sales channels, social media, on radio programs to which we have been invited, etc.. and always with the invaluable help of the EKOenergy team.

Of course, there will be more months of EKOenergy, in fact, we can anticipate that we are already working on the second month of EKOenergy in Gesternova, which will be towards the end of this year.

EKOenergy has many aspects, which one do you like best?

Undoubtedly, what motivates us the most is being able to offer our clients the option of contributing to the alleviation of energy poverty in places that need it the most, and thus promoting renewable energies by serving as a bridge to direct resources to real projects in need of financing.

We believe that a greater uptake of renewable energies must come from the demand side. The collaboration of Gesternova and EKOenergy is another step in raising awareness about the origin of energy.

What is next in line in your collaboration with the EKOenergy ecolabel?

Whenever we have an opportunity, we share information about our contracting rates and the extra positive impact the EKOenergy label brings to our clients and partners.

For example, last month we announced an agreement we made with L’Oréal Professional Products. As part of their “Hairstylists For The Future” project, we’ll supply EKOenergy to their network of hair salons which collaborated with them in Spain, and thus help them reduce their carbon footprint, with the intention of promoting decarbonisation and avoiding climate change.

Published: 13 June 2023