Funding of climate projects

rural-electrificationPer MWh of EKOenergy sold, a contribution of at least €0.10 (ten eurocents) has to be made to the EKOenergy Climate Fund. The money from that fund will be used to stimulate further investments in renewable electricity.

EKOenergy’s Board decides how to use the money of the EKOenergy Climate Fund, taking into account the recommendations of stakeholders, and in particular the recommendations of EKOenergy suppliers, the environmental NGOs and EKOenergy’s Advisory Group.

In order to be as efficient as possible, EKOenergy does not set up its own initiatives, but supports experienced organisations and project developers.

Possible measures are:

  • Investment in wind or solar energy in developing countries, if these are in line with the gold standard criteria (
  • Investment in wind and solar energy projects in European countries which have a high potential for the development of renewable energy, but lack resources.
  • Small scale renewable energy projects with a high environmental and social added value (for instance in developing countries).
  • Buying polluting rights (ETS) so that they are removed from the market and companies cannot use them to pollute.

  For more information about how we used the money of the Fund since our start in 2013, see Our results > Climate Fund.

EKOenergy Full Power

“Additionality” is a word used in the context of green electricity to refer to an extra positive impact. It means you can have an impact that will not have occurred “naturally”, without you.

One of EKOenergy’s answers to those willing to deliver “real additionality” is EKOenergy Full Power. EKOenergy Full Power is EKOenergy with a higher contribution to the Climate Fund. It involves an additional investment and will lead to the creation of installations that will produce enough to cover your own electricity consumption. If you choose to contribute in this way, it means that much more renewable energy will be produced thanks to you. The exact amount of the contribution will depend on the selected projects and will likely decrease over time.

Offical text

For the official text of EKOenergy’s Climate Fund rules, see chapter 9 of the text ‘EKOenergy: Network and label’.