EKOenergy Awards 2023

Annual EKOenergy Awards

Last year, the sold volumes of EKOenergy-labelled renewable energy have risen drastically once again. We’re thankful to energy consumers who choose EKOenergy-labelled energy and above all, to our sellers who make it possible.

By offering EKOenergy-labelled energy to their clients, our sellers don’t only contribute to our advocacy work but also help us get closer to a 100% renewable and sustainable planet.

As we’re closing our annual audit, we take the opportunity to highlight and celebrate some of the extraordinary achievements of EKOenergy sellers.

EKOenergy’s Ivy Award 2023 goes to Gesternova, and EKOenergy’s Oak Award 2023 and Bamboo Award 2023 both go to 3Degrees. Congratulations to 3Degrees and Gesternova for winning this year’s awards!

EKOenergy’s Ivy Award is for honouring an EKOenergy seller that made outstanding efforts in promoting EKOenergy-labelled energy. EKOenergy’s Oak Award highlights the company that sold the largest EKOenergy-labelled volumes in the past year, and EKOenergy’s Bamboo Award is for the seller that  achieved the highest growth rate of EKOenergy-labelled sales.

Winners of the EKOenergy Awards 2023: Gesternova and 3Degrees

Gesternova deserved EKOenergy’s Ivy Award this year. Gesternova is a Spanish energy supplier that sells renewable energy exclusively. In 2022, Gesternova communicated extensively about their EKOenergy product, which included launching the “Month of EKOenergy”, in which their communications focused on our ecolabel. During the ”Month of EKOenergy” all the sales made via Gesternova’s website were for EKOenergy-labelled electricity. 

This year, 3Degrees gets both EKOenergy’s Bamboo Award and Oak Award. 3Degrees is an international sustainability consultancy and service provider, helping companies around the world achieve renewable energy and decarbonisation goals. 3Degrees actively informs its clients about EKOenergy, regularly contacts our Secretariat with specific questions and suggestions, and has also invited us to participate in some of their meetings with clients. We are happy to see that the hard work of the 3Degrees team has resulted in an amazing growth of their EKOenergy volumes and a record sales volume.

We have asked both 3Degrees and Gesternova about how they conducted their EKOenergy-related activities in the past year and will publish interviews with both companies next week. Stay tuned to learn more!

Published: 7 June 2023