EKOenergy is increasing its global reach


In February 2013, a group of European environmental NGOs launched EKOenergy, the first (and only) international ecolabel for electricity.

The time was right. In Northern Europe, there were plans for a common Nordic electricity market, more and more issues are regulated at European level too, in particular via the Electricity Market Directive and the Renewable Energy Directive. Last not least, an increasing number of companies showed interest in purchasing renewable electricity worldwide. In all these situations, an international ecolabel has its role to play.

In the first year our focus was pretty much on Finland. In 2014, we started focusing on France, Spain and Italy too. Soon after followed the Baltic States and Germany.

In 2015 EKOenergy certified electricity was available in 5 countries, in 2016 that number had grown to more than 15 countries. Also larger companies are joining, such as Schüco in Germany or L’Oréal in Russia.

Renowned organisations and standards seem to appreciate our work too. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol and CDP explicitly mention EKOenergy as a perfect tool for consumers willing to do more. And LEED, the well known standard for buildings, explicitly recommend the use of EKOenergy labelled electricity.

In the past 4 years, we learned a lot. We know that our model works, and we know that we have a strong logo. We also know that it is not enough to ‘grow nicely’. We absolutely need to spread the word more actively than ever before. And this is what we are going for!

On the map you see an overview of the situation today. In the green countries we are on the market. In all of these countries we are certifying energy sales today or ready to do so. We have local members and friends able to help interested consumers and sellers! In the yellow countries, we are studying the system and preparing for launch (In some of these countries we had occasional sales, but more needs to be done). In the orange countries, we haven’t been active yet, but there are reliable electricity tracking systems and we are interested in becoming active.

Looking forward to cooperating with you. Anywhere!