EKOenergy label for heat: Public consultation


With our EKOenergy-ecolabel, we help consumers choose the best available renewable energy options. Our ecolabel also is a tool for consumers and sellers to communicate in positive way about their commitment to a 100% renewable and sustainable world.

Early 2013, we launched the ecolabel for electricity. In February 2017 we launched the ecolabel for gas. And we are now preparing an ecolabel for heat.

The ecolabel for heat will be a quality mark for heat

  • that is produced with renewable resources and leads to a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels.
  • whose production process has none or very limited negative impact on biodiversity, ecosystems and the environment.

The criteria are strongly based on the earlier criteria work and experiences of the EKOenergy Network.

You find the draft criteria here.

For the time being, we focus exclusively on heat produced by heat pumps. In 2018 and 2019 we will study options to add criteria for heat produced using bioenergy. This will go hand in hand with the update of our existing criteria for bioenergy used to produce electricity and used to produce biogas.

We are now organising a public consulation about our proposal. This public consultation runs until 28 October 2017. Do you have comments, thoughts, suggestions? Please send them to infosmall ekoenergy symbolekoenergy.org and steven.vanholmesmall ekoenergy symbolsll.fi. We welcome all kind of comments.

After that we will start the last step of the approval process and the goal is to have the criteria approved by 1 January 2018.