EKOenergía lanza la campaña para la industria de la moda

Fashion campaign announcemen

EKOenergy announces the launch of their fashion campaign. We aim to get fashion companies to buy clean energy and become more environmentally sustainable.

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Bienvenidos a la “Corporate Energy Series Europe” 2019

EKOenergy is an association partner of Corporate Energy Series Europe

21.03.2019: EKOenergy is an association partner of the first Corporate Energy Series Europe event. The conference takes place in Paris, France, on 21-22 May 2019 and will explore solutions for corporates to reach 100% renewable electricity.

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¿Qué impactos ambientales se asocian a la industria de la moda?

fashionable shirts hanging up in a shop

Why is pollution in the fashion industry such a major problem and how can using renewable energy help to make fashion more sustainable?

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Publicados los nuevos criterios para plantas hidroeléctricas – EKOenergía busca candidatos para la prueba piloto

14.02.2019 – EKOenergy, the international ecolabel for renewable energy, has revised its environmental requirements for hydropower plants. Now EKOenergy is seeking for pioneers of the sector to pilot how the new requirements work in practice.

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La ecoetiqueta de la energía y sus beneficios concretos

Nurse midwife in Nepal with vaccine fridge, thanks to Climate Fund

Clean energy brings better health, social equality and many other benefits to rural communities in developing countries. Renewable World’s project in Nepal, supported by EKOenergy Climate Fund, demonstrates a concrete benefit the off-grid communities get with access to clean energy.

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Encuéntranos en el “Rec market meeting 2019”

14.12.2018 : As in previous years, EKOenergy is a proud partner of the REC Market Meeting. The annual conference gathers global experts of renewable energy markets. The next REC Market Meeting will take place in Amsterdam, on 11 and 12 March 2019.

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COP24: ¿qué va a pasar y por qué es importante?

Katowice, Poland, where COP24 Climate conference will be held.

La cumbre del clima más importante desde París 2015 se celebrará este diciembre en Katowice, Polonia. ¿Qué diferencias existen y cómo podrían resolverse en la COP24?

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Folleto “Good to know about hydropower”

7.11.2018 : Our new leaflet “Good to know about hydropower” presents the impacts of hydropower on nature and tells what you as an electricity consumer can do to limit these.

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Actualización de los criterios de EKOenergía para la energía hidroeléctrica: segunda consulta pública

31.10.2018 : EKOenergy hydropower criteria update. We welcome you to give your feedback by 17th December 2018

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La importancia de la restauración fluvial y el Fondo Ambiental de EKOenergía

man throws gravel into river to create new spawning grounds for fish

The autumn spawning season is soon to begin, so our team of volunteers have come to restore some of the spawning grounds damaged by local farming in the region.

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