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Globe Hope, marca pionera en Finlandia de una moda más sostenible

Globe Hope was one of the first consumers of EKOenergy in the fashion industry, having been buying ecolabelled energy since 2013.

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Celebra el día international de la biodiversidad escogiendo EKOenergía (en inglés)

22.05.2019: Today, 22nd of May is the International Day for Biodiversity. A simple solution to limit the negative impacts on biodiversity is to choose renewable energy that is produced with nature in mind.

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EKOenergía lanza la campaña para la industria de la moda

Fashion campaign announcemen

EKOenergy announces the launch of their fashion campaign. We aim to get fashion companies to buy clean energy and become more environmentally sustainable.

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¿Qué impactos ambientales se asocian a la industria de la moda?

fashionable shirts hanging up in a shop

Why is pollution in the fashion industry such a major problem and how can using renewable energy help to make fashion more sustainable?

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Energía renovable en Italia: EKOenergía y Forgreen celebran 3 años de colaboración

EKOenergy's certificate in Forgreen offices

In 2016 ForGreen became the first italian electricity supplier to sell only EKOenergy. Since then this partnership has brought to many successes.

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Japanese Renewable Energy Market

Is it easy to get renewables in Japan comic

Disculpa, pero esta entrada está disponible sólo en Inglés Británico, Alemán, Italiano, Japonés y Türkçe. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in this site default language. You may click one of the links to switch the site language to another available language. With the recent market liberalization, Japan’s energy market […]

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Good reasons to support the striking students

3.03.2019 : 20 good reasons to support the school-striking youth. And to participate in their international day of climate action on 15 March.

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El desarrollo de las energías renovables en la agenda rusa

Climate change is a reality. Russia is among the countries that can make a difference, switching to sustainable energy. But when is it going to happen? Read more on the current situation in the article.

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Próximos eventos donde encontrarnos

Meet Steven Vanholme or Merve Güngör from the EKOenergy Secretariat in REC Market Meeting 2019, Greenbuild Europe 2019 in Amsterdam and Corporate Energy Series Europe event in Paris 2019.

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¿Somos conscientes del impacto de la energía hidroeléctrica en la naturaleza? (en Finés)

Are we aware of the impacts of hydropower on nature? (in Finnish)

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