Athletes for EKOenergy

For some people, it’s easy to dismiss Climate Change as something that is happening far away; it’s melting the ice caps, causing a freak hurricane and floods on a different continent, destroying the Arctic…not directly affecting me!  However, what we must always remember is that the preservation of the environment is intrinsic to everything that we hold dear.

Take sports, for example, if we continue to allow the planet to succumb to the detrimental damage of fossil fuels, we are risking the shortening of our sporting seasons, even more, unpredictable and extreme weather conditions, the erosion of some of our most beautiful natural sites, as well as a worsening atmosphere to spend outdoors. Fortunately, we are seeing the tide shifting, the opening ceremony at the Rio Olympics had a very environmentally focused theme, and athletes are beginning to use their notoriety and status to fight for good causes. That’s why at EKOenergy we are seeking renowned sports stars, leaders in their field, to show their support of the Environment and EKOenergy.

The formidable free climber Alex Megos wrote the following on Facebook and Instagram: The past few weeks environmental issues have been occupying my mind more and more. We have to find and start supporting solutions for our current environmental crisis! Through my sport, I have become aware of how valuable our nature is. We must work to protect and preserve it! @ekoenergy is taking a step in the right direction. It’s on us to follow.

Premier League Ice Hockey team Mikkelin Jukurit started using EKOenergy, and we are always delighted to see our logo displayed on their jerseys.

Champion Windsurfer Alexandra Blinnikka who has been a long time supporter of EKOenergy:  “I am doing my sport in nature; windsurfing on the water. Because of that nature means a lot to me, and it should mean a lot to everyone else too. It is the most important thing that we have around us and we should take as good care of it as we can. We can take care of using renewable energy!”

Further, EKOenergy is working in collaboration with the Protect our Winters (POW) campaign in Finland. This campaign is spearheaded by Olympic silver medalist Enni Rukajärvi and bronze medalist Aino-Kaisa Saarinen. Like other winter sports, the future of skiing and snowboarding is threatened by global warming. ”Even though the effects of climate change are alarming, there’s still time to save our winters”, says Enni Rukajäarvi, and invites winter sports enthusiasts and ski centres to take action against climate change. Niklas Kaskeala, chairperson of Protect Our Winters Finland underlines the importance of using EKOenergy for achieving results: “Many skiers are concerned about the future of their hobby and want their community and the winter sports industry to show leadership in fighting climate change. Switching to EKOenergy is the responsible thing to do for the sake of snowy winters.”

We’re always open to having more sports teams and sports ambassadors for EKOenergy, if you know somebody who may be interested, please get in touch!

Posted on 16 March 2017