EKOenergy’s criteria for electricity

The document “EKOenergy – Governance structure and criteria for electricity” explains under which conditions electricity can get the EKOenergy label.

It describes:

  • The accepted forms of electricity production
  • The additional sustainability criteria to guarantee a minimal impact on nature
  • The accepted methods to prove the origin of the electricity and to avoid double counting
  • How our Climate Fund works
  • How to sell EKOenergy-labelled energy
  • How and when sales of EKOenergy-labelled electricity are audited and verified

For a short overview of the main elements of our criteria, see the EKOenergy ecolabel page.

The same document also describes how the criteria are managed and updated.

The original version of EKOenergy’s criteria for electricity was approved in February 2013. At that time, the focus of the label was on Europe only. In 2015 we made it possible to apply the label outside Europe too and in 2017 we added specific criteria with regard to on-site produced electricity.

Apart from the criteria for electricity, we also developed criteria for renewable gas and criteria for renewable heat and cold.

Criteria for electricity

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