Inés Rosales embraces renewable energy with EKOenergy and Quantica Renovables

Tortas made with EKOenergy!


This year at EKOenergy, we focus our campaign on food production, calling it the EKOappetite campaign. Our goal is to promote the use of renewable energy in the global food sector.

We want to introduce you to one of the food production companies that has recently chosen to use the EKOenergy ecolabel: Inés Rosales.

Inés Rosales was founded in the 1910s, so it is appropriate to say that it has been part of Spanish cuisine for over a century. The company sources ingredients locally, supporting regional agriculture and ensuring the products are natural and free from artificial additives. Each torta is hand-made and individually wrapped in special wax paper and with the use of premium-quality virgin olive oil, a key component of the Mediterranean diet recently recognised by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Rooftop solar from Quantica Renovables

In 2023, Inés Rosales made a significant investment by installing a 708.1 kWp solar system on the roof of their production facility. This move towards renewable energy is a major step in decarbonising their production processes. The solar panels cover half of the company’s electricity consumption. This transition was aligned with the inner compromise Inés Rosales has with the environment as well as due to a larger number of consumers that demand that the energy used in the production process has the lowest environmental impact attainable.

The solar system was installed by Quantica Renovables, an authorised EKOenergy seller. It was agreed that all megawatt-hours produced will carry the EKOenergy label. By labelling the megawatt-hours from their on-site installations, consumers like Inés Rosales support the energy transition beyond their own facilities.

As with all EKOenergy users, those who produce on-site EKOenergy contribute €0.10 per MWh to our Climate Fund. These contributions finance solar installations in low- and middle-income countries, furthering the reach and impact of renewable energy initiatives.

All EKOenergy users support us as an initiative of environmental NGOs, helping to promote renewable energy worldwide. By using our logo in their communications, such as on screens at the entrance of their building, companies like Inés Rosales help spread the word about the importance of renewable energy.

By choosing EKOenergy, Inés Rosales not only powers their production sustainably but also contributes to promote renewable energies and reduce energy poverty with concrete and tangible actions.

Published: 10 June 2024