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What makes a hotel inviting, an amusement park desirable, a restaurant attractive? Some of the answers to these questions are quite easy to find. A hotel needs a charming location and luxury comforts, an amusement park should have fun, adrenaline-inducing activities and a restaurant attracts you with tempting dishes and inviting atmosphere. Often however, the most obvious answers slip our minds. As more and more people are aware of their impact on the environment the sustainable tourism market is booming.

What to do?

To move with the times the hospitality sector needs to up their game to fulfil the increasing demand from their customers to be more environmentally friendly.

The characteristics that define an eco-friendly business vary from using energy conserving construction methods and adequate insulation to using locally sourced and organic produce. Most importantly, however, it should run on renewable energy! This is where EKOenergy is ready to help any company in the hospitality sector that cares for the environment as well as the comfort of their visitors.

The campaign

In December 2016 EKOenergy started a partnership with Green Key – a prestigious ecolabel for the tourism and hospitality industry with set criteria for environmental management, corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness. Green Key certificate has so far been awarded to more than 2,500 establishments in 53 countries.
EKOenergy, with support from Green Key, is launching a new campaign. We ask the global hospitality sector to switch to EKOenergy-certified renewable energy and commit to a sustainable future. (something more)
Switching to EKOenergy is a quick way to improve your corporate social responsibility and you will be able to freely use our logo for your marketing purposes. Our logo is an internationally recognised ecolabel, thus clearly showing visitors your involvement in the transition towards a clean and sustainable hospitality industry.

Great examples

Several hotels already use EKOenergy and proudly communicate about it. The first hotel in Spain to proudly display the EKOenergy logo was the Capítulo Trece Hotel situated at the foot of Riaza River Gorges’s Natural Park in Segovia

“From the beginning we have opted for sustainable development that respects the environment, and as soon as we knew about the possibility of switching to EKOenergy we did not hesitate. Now we are 100% green”

states Isabel Moraleda, one of the hotel owners.
Capítulo Trece is one of many, and we encourage all environmentally conscious hospitality businesses to be part of this renewable revolution and join our campaign.

Act now

Prepare your business for the summer and complete your checklist by switching to EKOenergy. Ensure your visitors are able to enjoy their time without concern for their carbon footprint. Contact us for further information, we are looking forward to welcoming you on board!