EKOenergy is launching a campaign for ecohotels

EKOenergy is launching a new campaign: #EKOenergy4Ecohotels. We want to help make green hotels greener!

The sustainable tourism market is booming, and with summer fast approaching EKOenergy is ready to help any tourist destinations who care not only about the comfort of their guests, but the environment too. Advantages of using EKOenergy is that customers can clearly see a hotel’s complete commitment to renewable and sustainable energy usage.

The engine of the ‘green revolution’

A switch to EKOenergy means offering customers the chance to enjoy a unique green space, but also ensuring that the electricity used at the hotel meets our strict criteria of sustainability and minimal environmental impact.

The use of our label is not all we offer.  When establishments are using EKOenergy, their electricity consumption is funding our Climate Fund, which in turn finances renewable energy projects around the globe. This works because for each MW of electricity used in a hotel, their electricity supplier will contribute €0.10 to our climate fund. Then we will donate to solar panel installations on schools, hospitals and households in developing countries! These actions are an important aspect of the ‘global green revolution’ where absolutely every contribution can make a difference.

Can my hotel be EKOenergy?

Our international network makes it easy to buy EKOenergy worldwide, so any establishment (of any kind) can easily make the switch and become 100% renewable under EKOenergy.

”As soon as we knew about the possibility of switching to EKOenergy, we did not hesitate. We are now 100% green” – Capítulo Trece Hotel & Spa in Segovia, Spain

Among the pioneering hotels, there is the luxurious Hotel Haikon Kartano in the magical city of Porvoo (Finland), the exceptional Capítulo Trece Hotel & Spa at the foot of the Natural Park River Gorges Riaza (Spain), or the popular Domus Academica Hostel in Helsinki. All running on 100% sustainable renewable electricity, they are demonstrating their desire to go one step further for the environment. Will you?

Do you want to switch to EKOenergy? Contact us to find out what we can do for you here.

Posted on 16 May 2016