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Upcoming events where you could meet us

Meet Steven Vanholme or Merve Güngör from the EKOenergy Secretariat in REC Market Meeting 2019, Greenbuild Europe 2019 in Amsterdam and Corporate Energy Series Europe event in Paris 2019.

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Tunnetaanko vesivoiman luontovaikutukset?

Are we aware of the impacts of hydropower on nature? (in Finnish)

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Solar vs Diesel: why solar generators should power rural communities

sunrise over electricity power lines

Rural communities looking for a source of electricity are often limited to a choice between solar or diesel generators. Here we compare the two.

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Corporate sourcing in emerging renewable energy markets

Person in business suit holding a light bulb

Corporate sourcing of EKOenergy in developing countries: What you need to know for energy procurement in areas without an established market. Going beyond renewable energy and doing even more has become very easy.

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Climate change and pollution: the toll of tourism

A tourist beach full of garbage.

10.12.2018 International tourism is the cause of large greenhouse gases emissions and natural resources exploitation. The sector must urge the shift to sustainability.

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COP24: what is happening and why is it important?

Katowice, Poland, where COP24 Climate conference will be held.

19.11.2018 : The most important climate summit since Paris 2015 is due to be held in Katowice, Poland, this December. What issues are at play and how might they be resolved at COP24?

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Buying 100% renewable energy is becoming the new normal

6.11.2018 : Renewable energy has long been stigmatised as expensive, unreliable and commercially non-viable. Yet over 150 of the worlds largest companies are moving to 100% renewable. What is motivating the change?

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You can fight climate change also from your kitchen

1.11.2018 : Today, 1st of November, is World Vegan Day. It is a unique opportunity to share the benefits that this way of living and eating has. Not only is it a choice for animal welfare; it is also a choice for our health and the conservation of the environment.

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The Importance of River Restoration and the EKOenergy Environmental Fund

man throws gravel into river to create new spawning grounds for fish

The autumn spawning season is soon to begin, so our team of volunteers have come to restore some of the spawning grounds damaged by local farming in the region.

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While coping with the heatwaves, we should act to reverse them

July 2018 has been the hottest July ever registered in several areas of the northern hemisphere. But we can take action to minimise the damage caused!

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