Valleri farm in Italy and their e-bike charging port are powered by EKOenergy

Valleri farm is powered by EKOenergy-labelled electricity! Valleri farm, Azienda Agricola Valleri, is specialized in the production, processing and packaging of aromatic herbs and vegetables.

Their electricity comes from the agricultural energy community launched by the licensed EKOenergy seller ForGreen Spa SB, in cooperation with Coldiretti Veneto. Via the cooperative, farmers with their own energy production (mainly on-site solar) can sell their surplus energy to other farmers in the same area, with the EKOenergy ecolabel.

In addition, Valleri farm also has installed an e-bike charging port in their property, through which bikers can charge their bikes with EKOenergy-labelled electricity for free. Thanks to everyone involved in this idea and thanks for showcasing the EKOenergy logo.

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Published on 17 June 2021

Valleri farm e-bike charging port
Azienda Agricola Valleri uses EKOenergy