Fish Passage Seminar in Vanhakaupunki Technical Museum, Helsinki

EKOenergy and the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation are going to organize a fish passage Seminar on Friday, 6th October, in Helsinki at Vanhankaupunginkoski at the Technical Museum, from 9.30 til 17.00.

Fish passages are designed to allow fish species (many of which are endangered) to cross dams and to migrate upstream to suitable spawning sites. Are they serving their purpose? Which fish pasage suit best for which species? How to control the results?

The purpose of this seminar is to find answers to these and many other questions about fish passages.

“We have invited leading experts to tell about the different types of fish passages. They will talk about the functionality of fish passages and about the state of the fish in our rivers,” says Virpi Sahi, Environmental Director at EKOenergy. “In addition, the seminar will provide an overview of the state of Finnish hydropower production and of the Finnish Water Law.”

The programme begins with a case study of the Vanhankaupunki-river. Kari Stenholm from the Finnish Society for Stream Conservation will tell about the fish passages built at the Vanhankaupunki site.  “We are also going to explore the fish passages and the power plant of Vanhankaupunki, which is now a museum” says Virpi Sahi.

The afternoon is devoted to presentations by experts. And after that there will be plenty of time for questions and opportunity for informal meetings and discussions. For the full programme, visit the event’s website where you will also find a registration form.

Seminar presentations will be streamed live on the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation’s YouTube channel. The presentations will also be available online after the seminar.

This seminar is aimed at people working in the area of river protection and for those interested in migratory fish and river ecosystems. The seminar is organized as part of the Freshabit LIFE IP Project, which aims to improve the status of watercourses in Finland.