Flow Festival uses EKOenergy labelled grid electricity

Source: Flow Festival

Flow Festival is one of the world’s first carbon-neutral music and arts boutique festival. This year’s festival will take place on 10-12 August 2018, in Helsinki, Finland.

All grid-electricity used at “Nordic countries’ coolest music festival” is ecolabelled by EKOenergy. Called “A fairytale come true” by Clash Magazine in the UK. The festival’s overall carbon footprint has been calculated and offset since 2009 and is powered by EKOenergy since 2016.

Furthermore, the waste that is produced during the festival is reused and recycled in order to “minimise the amount of waste for incineration and maximise the share of biowaste and other biodegradable waste products.” They also use renewable fuels, educate their vendors about serving ecological, sustainable meals.

Source: Flow Festival

Read more about Flow Festival’s sustainability here.

Posted on 9 August 2018

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