EKOenergy for Ecuador: First consumer, Tecopesca

Thanks to growing demand from environmentally-conscious energy consumers and sellers, EKOenergy-labelled renewable energy is available in many continents. Choosing EKOenergy isn’t only an extra step for the climate and nature, it’s also an extra step for your communication activities by announcing your participation in the energy transition.

We are happy to announce that EKOenergy’s several years of outreach activities in Latin America has resulted in getting our first licensed EKOenergy seller in Ecuador: Delta Global SA Ecuador!

Delta Global SA Ecuador offers energy saving solutions through the set up and maintenance of solar photovoltaic installations for individuals and companies. We are happy to have them as an EKOenergy licensee. This means they can offer their clients the option of having EKOenergy-labelled electricity for their solar installations.

Tecopesca chooses to consume EKOenergy from their on-site production

In 2021, Delta Global SA Ecuador completed an on-site installation of 200 kWp for TECOPESCA in Manta, Ecuador. The consumption from this installation is EKOenergy-labelled and covers a portion of the facility’s overall energy use, making Tecopesca the first EKOenergy consumer in Ecuador. They are, at the same time, the first energy consumer to use EKOenergy from an on-site solar installation in Latin America!

Tecopesca produces canned products of the highest quality. Now, they are advancing in their way towards environmental leadership by choosing EKOenergy in their on-site solar energy consumption. We hope they will continue choosing EKOenergy in all their operations. Choosing to use EKOenergy-labelled electricity gives Tecopesca the right to communicate about their use of EKOenergy and the additional benefits the ecolabel brings.

“Desiring to demonstrate our commitment to stopping climate change and protecting nature, we opened our door to EKOenergy. We want to set an example of reciprocity and gratitude towards nature.”

Using EKOenergy means that Tecopesca, in addition to using renewable energy on their facility, also contributes to new projects that fight energy poverty in developing countries. EKOenergy’s Climate Fund has previously financed solar energy projects in the region such as Healthy schools in Peru and Solar Panels to Light Up the Life of Coffee-farming Families in Nicaragua.

Consumers of EKOenergy-labelled renewable energy also contribute to EKOenergy’s advocacy work to raise awareness about the use of renewable energy. This helps us link fighting the climate crisis, consumer information and taking steps towards realizing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. In many parts of the world, the role of consumers in the energy market is very limited, making it difficult or even impossible to choose green energy to actively contribute to the energy transition. EKOenergy raises awareness to make the instruments that give consumers more options better known across the world.

“Our values determine the actions that demonstrate the company’s firm decision to adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals and incorporate environmental protection into our agenda”, Ronald Aroca, general manager of Tecopesca, told us.

« We operate in areas where stopping climate change, protecting nature and activities related to reducing the impact on biodiverse ecosystems are important. Desiring to demonstrate our commitment to such issues, we opened our door to EKOenergy. We want to set an example of reciprocity and gratitude towards nature that allows the development of our operations, made evident through active partnerships with initiatives such as EKOenergy. This will contribute to Tecopesca’s leadership of one of the main food complexes in Ecuador, making us a benchmark of achievement and commitment to excellence. »

Thanks Tecopesca for taking an extra step for the environment!

EKOenergy for you too?

We are looking forward to joining forces with other energy market stakeholders and energy consumers, in Latin America and beyond.

The EKOenergy ecolabel can be combined with any sourcing method for renewable energy, as long as double counting is avoided. Contact us to get more information.

Published: 2 June 2021 – Author: Icíar Montes