EKOenergy financed solar projects in South-Cameroon

Solafrica’s work in Cameroon

Solafrica, a spin-off organization of  Greenpeace Switzerland, leads projects in Kenya and Cameroon for dissemination of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. The main aim is to train local experts, as well as to support the development of community-based solar companies.

Solafrica wants to improve people’s lives by promoting sustainable energy solutions. Schools that do not have access to electricity mostly use kerosene lamps, which is an expensive and polluting fuel. Also, kerosene lamps produce low quality light, are a fire risk and produce hazardous fumes.

Solar energy provides a sustainable and affordable off-grid solution for rural communities in Africa. Solar energy protects our climate and improves the living conditions in the communities substantially at the same time, which spurs social and economic development.

Solafrica works closely with local organisations. One  of the local partners is Association Jeunesse Verte du Cameroun (AJVC): a Cameroonian NGO of young people engaged in sustainable development and forest protection.

2015: Three schools

In 2015, we donated €18,000 to install PV panels at three schools in South-Cameroon (in Bédoumo, Ngola Bantou and Mengang).

This project is part of Climate Caravan – project. It is a long lasting project in the area which aims to spread renewable energy concepts while protecting the rainforest in the Congo Basin.

  Click here for photos of the project.

2016: Two health centers

In 2016, we donated €20,000 to install PV panels at two health centers in Southern Cameroon. Use of electricity provides a significant improvement to the healthcare system in the rural areas of Cameroon, e.g. by allowing for the use of solar powered fridges to conserve vaccinations and medicine and by having light at night.