Ecolabel for gas – our first commercial partner!

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More and more companies are switching towards 100% renewable electricity. But in the gas sector, the transition is still very limited. Early 2017, EKOenergy launched an ecolabel for renewable gas. Its goal is to help consumers find the most sustainable forms of renewable gas and communicate about it.

EKOenergy-certified gas is made from sustainable types of bioenergy or through the gasification of renewable electricity. It does not jeopardize food security or social justic­e. The label also focuses on correct consumer information and on proper tracking systems.

Suppliers of EKOenergy certified gas pay at least 0,10 €/MWh into EKOenergy’s climate fund. That money is used to finance renewable energy projects all over the world.

AFS Energy, a Netherlands based service provider specialised in the wholesale Renewable Energy sector, is our first commercial partner in the gas sector. They have signed a licence agreement with EKOenergy and will actively promote EKOenergy towards their large consumers and towards energy suppliers.

Unlike in the electricity sector, a 100% EKOenergy certified gas contract may not always be possible. But it is absolutely ok to start with 15 or 20% EKOenergy, and to gradually build up. Let’s work on this together.

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