EKOenergy is nominated for the Nordic Council Environment Prize

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The Nordic Council of Ministers award an environmental prize annually since 1995 to honour the smartest and most effective Nordic initiatives showing the way toward a more sustainable future.

We are honoured to be a nominee, along with Greta Thunberg!

“Initiatives that promote sustainable consumption and production by doing more and better with less”


The Nordic Council Environment Prize 2019 celebrates Nordic initiatives that are reducing our material footprint through social, technological or other forms of innovation.

Responsible Consumption and Production UN Global Goals

“Debates about the climate tend to be negative. The projects nominated this year all point to a positive way forward. They are uniquely inventive and resourceful and provide incentives for us all to create something new and different, to try different paths.” -Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, the Icelandic Minister for Nordic Co-operation

The theme for the prize this year is sustainable consumption and production – the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 12.