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EKOenergy for your company

In Europe

On the European market, consumers can choose the origin of their electricity. Renowned organisations like CDP and standards such as LEED and GHG Protocol recommend that companies make use of this freedom. This way, not only can companies buy renewable electricity, but they can also show leadership by going one step further.

Buying EKOenergy certified electricity is a good way to show leadership. LEED refers to EKOenergy as “the best available pan-European option for the sustainable and additional consumption of renewable electricity within Europe”. Additionally, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol lists EKOenergy as one of the ways to go one step further: see the Chapter 11 of its Scope 2 Guidance. How to take that extra step?

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  Why buy EKOenergy

EKOenergy via Guarantees of Origin

Large consumers, or consumers with premises in many different places, may choose to purchase EKOenergy ‘unbundled’. This can be done by buying physical electricity and Guarantees of Origin separately. All main European sellers of Guarantees of Origin can help you to purchase EKOenergy in this way. See the list of licensed sellers of Guarantees of Origin.

EKOenergy outside Europe

The EKOenergy criteria are formulated in such a way that they can be implemented worldwide. EKOenergy will arrive in China and Taiwan in 2015. Contact the EKOenergy Secretariat for more information.

EKOenergy in your communication

We encourage consumers of EKOenergy to communicate about their purchase. Consumers don’t need an agreement with EKOenergy to use the EKOenergy name and logo.