Zéno and EKOenergy: promoting the energy transition in Belgium

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Zéno, the first energy supplier of EKOenergy-labelled renewable electricity in Belgium, has shown its support to the growing sustainable energy market by adding EKOenergy to their portfolio this summer.

Klinkenberg is a company specialized in electricity, for the residential, the tertiary or the industrial sector. Over the years, they became an expert in electric heating systems and photovoltaic panels. Then, they decided to diversify their activities in 2016 and launched Klinkenberg Energy. This new energy supplier has grown rapidly since its inception. Klinkenberg Energy recently changed its name to Zéno, a move which aimed to emphasise the distinction between the two companies and promote Zéno’s new focus on environmental sustainability.

Zéno has called upon EKOenergy to help promote their new and eco-friendly product. By buying Bravo blue, the Walloon population gets 100% Belgian electricity that fulfills the EKOenergy sustainability criteria. Part of the money that you pay for the Bravo Blue product goes to the EKOenergy Climate Fund, which invests in energy infrastructure in the developing world aiming to tackle energy poverty.

Zéno is developing several other projects to promote environmental sustainability:

  • They give expertise for solar panel installations and help customers get subsidies when they decide to install solar panels.
  • The innovative Energrid project, an alternative system which allows the distribution of locally produced electricity amongst local consumers, using a “nano grid”, rather than drawing entirely from the national grid.
  • The “Zero watt school” initiative, which aims at raising awareness amongst teachers and students about the price of energy at schools and how to reduce energy wastage.
  • Last but not least, Zéno is about to release “La haute tension”, an EKOenergy-labeled craft beer. Though it will not be available for large scale consumers, stay tuned about events supported by Zéno and you might get the chance to taste it!

EKOenergy is proud to add Belgium to the list of countries selling EKOenergy eco-labeled electricity. Our ecolabel believes in the energy transition and the more we collaborate with different energy sellers, the more we will be able to reach our goal of 100% sustainable electricity around the world.

By Julia Urbaniak