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New call for Climate Projects – 2020

Solar panel on a roof.

We are looking for small scale renewable energy projects in poor regions – Deadline for submission is 29 February 2020.

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REC Market Meeting is 10 years old

Once again, EKOenergy is a proud supporter of the REC Market Meeting.

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Tom, 50th Solidarity Corps volunteer at EKOenergy’s secretariat

Tom Hall, from the UK, is our 50th Solidarity Corps volunteer.

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Solar for Sudan: la nostra intervista con Rofaida Elzubair (in inglese)

The solar power based smart village in Barbujat, Sudan is a project funded by EKOenergy and implemented by Practical Action, in partnership with the Women’s Development Association Network.

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Una ecoetichetta per il calore: consultazione pubblica (in inglese)

EKOenergy is developing criteria for heat (and cooling). In the first stage, we are focusing on heat generated with heat pumps, geothermal heat, solar heat and heat resulting from heat recuperation.

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Tutti i progetti del Fondo per il Clima in un’unica mappa (in inglese)

EKOenergy financed the first climate projects in 2015 and since then, we have financed 36 projects with a total sum of 824,311.00 €. We have now a handy overview of all financed projects.

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Call progetti per il clima 2019 in Mali, Myanmar e Nepal (in inglese)

In cooperation with the Siemenpuu Foundation, we have just launched a new call for projects in Mali, Myanmar and Nepal. Under this call, we only accept applications from local organisations.

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Green Energy UK lancia la prima tariffa a marchio EKOenergy nel Regno Unito

CEO of Green Energy UK, Doug Steward

Green Energy UK, one of the leading British providers of 100% renewable energy, launches an energy tariff supported by the EKOenergy ecolabel. This is good news for UK consumers looking to buy environmentally sustainable energy and help support local power plants who take their impact on nature into account.

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EKOenergy candidata per il Nordic Council Environment Prize

EKOenergy is nominated for the Nordic Council Environmental Prize 2019! We are honoured to be on the same list as Greta Thunberg! This year’s theme is SDG 12 – Sustainable Production and Consumption.

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Globe Hope, pioniere della moda sostenibile in Finlandia, usa EKOenergy

Utilizzando energia a marchio EKOenergy sin dal 2013, Globe Hope è stato uno dei primi consumatori di EKOenergy nel settore della moda.

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