Proud finalists of the EU Sustainable Energy Awards

8.06.2018 : EKOenergy reached the final round of the EU Sustainable Energy Awards.

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Join us at Sustainatopia

22.05.2018 : Join us and more than 500 global thought leaders, investors and corporations from more than 30 countries at SUSTAINATOPIA (GLOBAL) MOSCOW- World Cup edition. Sustainatopia discount code.

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EU Sustainable Energy Award – Please support us with your vote

10.05.2018 : EKOenergy is one of the 12 finalists of this year’s EU Sustainable Energy Award competition. A public online vote will determine the winner of the 2018 Citizens’ Award.

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Solar power for Bethlehem

Solar panels in Bethlehem with a flag that says 'save with solar energy'. There are also the EKOenergy and Siemenpuu logos.

1.05.2018 : Although Palestine is mostly sunny and has great potential for solar energy, many regions are fully dependent on fossil fuels. By promoting solar energy, Applied Research Institute aims to increase the standard of living, with better heating, cooling and lighting for households.

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EKOenergy & ForGreen: 2 anni all’insegna della sostenibilità

A forest from above, with the ForGreen logo and EKOenergy label. Text that says "un modello di sostenibilità certificato" and "The Green Generator Company".

30.03.2018 : Il 17 Marzo 2016, il fornitore italiano Forgeen siglava il nostro Accordo di Licenza, muovendo un passo decisivo nello sviluppo di EKOenergy in Italia. Tanta strada è stata fatta da allora. Entrambe sono state protagoniste di una crescita esponenziale.

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L’elettricità più sostenibile è quella che non consumi!

Planet earth inside a light bulb.

Tomorrow, on the 24th of March, between 20:30 and 21:30 local time, our planet will appear a bit darker from space and we will hopefully have a clearer view of the sky above us. It will be the 11th celebration of Earth Hour, which started as a symbolic lights-out event in Sydney in 2007 and has become the world’s largest grassroots call for environmental action.

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Optimism for the growing demand for renewables at RMM 2018

Panelists on stage at the 2018 REC Market Meeting.

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in Inglese Britannico, Francese e Türkçe. Per ragioni di convenienza del visitatore, il contenuto è mostrato sotto nella lingua principale di questo sito. Puoi cliccare su uno dei links per cambiare la lingua del sito in un’altra lingua disponibile. 14.03.2018 The REC Market Meeting 2018 is reaching […]

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5 anni di EKOenergy: Report e ringraziamenti

Five year report of EKOenergy, the ecolabel for sustainable renewable energy

23.02.2018 : Exactly 5 years ago, environmental organisations from 16 European countries launched the first international ecolabel for electricity.We thank those who have supported us in our first five years: partners, users and members. Our growing, non-profit network of environmental organizations and volunteers is the key to our rapid growth.

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EKOenergy, a natural step for sustainable companies

A group of farmers standing and smiling among crops in Ecuador.

15.02.2018 : Copade Foundation, Spanish reference in fair trade and responsible forest management promotion, is joining EKOenergy in taking one more step towards sustainability. Since the beginning of 2018, the Development Cooperation NGO has been powered entirely with EKOenergy labelled 100% sustainable electricity.

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Charging points powered with EKOenergy

A car connected to a charging point with the EKOenergy logo, with text: "EKOenergy for electric cars".

23.01.2018 : The Finnish energy supplier Lumme Energia announced today that it will power all of its electric vehicle charging points with EKOenergy.

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