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Celebrate the International Day for Biodiversity by choosing EKOenergy

22.05.2019: Today, 22nd of May is the International Day for Biodiversity. A simple solution to limit the negative impacts on biodiversity is to choose renewable energy that is produced with nature in mind.

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EKOenergy lancia la sua ‘Fashion Campaign’ (in inglese)

Fashion campaign announcemen

EKOenergy announces the launch of their fashion campaign. We aim to get fashion companies to buy clean energy and become more environmentally sustainable.

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Quanto inquina l’industria della moda?

fashionable shirts hanging up in a shop

Why is pollution in the fashion industry such a major problem and how can using renewable energy help to make fashion more sustainable?

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Energia verde in Italia: EKOenergy e ForGreen festeggiano 3 anni di collaborazione

EKOenergy's certificate in Forgreen offices

Dal 2016 ForGreen è il primo e unico operatore energetico italiano ad offrire solo elettricità al 100% EKOenergy. Da allora questa collaborazione ha portato a numerosi successi.

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Il mercato delle energie rinnovabili in Giappone (in inglese)

Is it easy to get renewables in Japan comic

With the recent market liberalization, Japan’s energy market is transforming itself gradually, towards more renewables, Yet the schemes surrounding the renewable energy is complicated, and new changes are making thing even harder to understand. What is happening in Japan at the moment? 04.03.2019 Wataru Yamazaki Japan is among the biggest economies in GDP, and also […]

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20 buone ragioni per sostenere gli studenti in sciopero (in inglese)

3.03.2019 : 20 good reasons to support the school-striking youth. And to participate in their international day of climate action on 15 March.

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Lo sviluppo delle energie sostenibili fa parte dei piani della Russia (in inglese)

Climate change is a reality. Russia is among the countries that can make a difference, switching to sustainable energy. But when is it going to happen? Read more on the current situation in the article.

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Ecco gli eventi ai quali saremo presenti prossimamente (in inglese)

Meet Steven Vanholme or Merve Güngör from the EKOenergy Secretariat in REC Market Meeting 2019, Greenbuild Europe 2019 in Amsterdam and Corporate Energy Series Europe event in Paris 2019.

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Quanto sappiamo sugli impatti ambientali dell’energia idroelettrica? (in finlandese)

Are we aware of the impacts of hydropower on nature? (in Finnish)

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Solare vs diesel: perchè le comunità rurali dovrebbero utilizzare energia solare (in inglese)

sunrise over electricity power lines

Rural communities looking for a source of electricity are often limited to a choice between solar or diesel generators. Here we compare the two.

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